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My Almost Daily Hill Walk

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland which is a really great City for local hill and wood area walks. If you live here, you are always nearby a good trail with elevation to get the required headspace.

I work from home, so getting out at least once a day is obviously important. It’s easy to let things slip on intense work days, which results in the body taking a hit. Whether it’s diet, exercise or even bad posture; if you’re doing something unsustainable and consistently for a period, it’ll creep up on you and you’ll feel it eventually.

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The local hill linked above is the most local to my home, which takes about 15 minutes (rushed walk) to reach the top. I walk up through some alleyway between non-residential areas and then straight onto the path of the hill. It’s 158 meters high according to Wikipedia. Here are a few pics on the way up.

It’s an easy climb even for kids. You can see the surrounding golf course 1/3 of the way, then off to the top.

When I arrive at the top I have a spot I usually sit at for 15 minutes, if it’s not raining etc.

I often take a few photos when I’m up, as you can see. I’m getting a lot of sunset pictures, with most of Edinburgh City being in the opposite direction of the Sun. Here are a few good pictures of Edinburgh.

We had one night up here for Bonfire Night – the fireworks were all a bit distant but we had a lovely night. Any excuse to get up here I’ll do it since it’s so quick and easy.

I normally head down the opposite way to avoid the same scenery, and maybe head to Tesco on the way home for a lunchtime meal deal on the way back.

Anyway… a personal blog post has been published here. I hope you enjoyed it.


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