RIP Old Web Content

I have been creating and managing websites for long enough now to have a backlog of cleaning tasks. Mostly consisting of deleting old blog posts and images from websites that have been in active blogging mode for more than a few years.

This is something we really need to keep on top of, clearing out the junk on your website. Things gather over the years, well… this really depends on the volume of content you upload to your website.

I’m very active, or, as active as I can be. I try my best to keep up the habit, believing consistency is key. Also, slow and steady will 100% win the race!

This blog post here is really just to upload and backup some old web pages I’ve deleted. All personal stuff this is, writing to myself of course.

As well as my image backups, I have other post backups here:
# Timeline of starting the blog journey
# First personal blog posts & updates – Part 1
# First personal blog posts & updates – Part 2
# Old web traffic stuff

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