AI Art

AI Art Gallary – Dragon Ball

Welcome to my AI Art Gallary. The theme of this post is Dragon Ball (DBZ).

I’ve always loved the Dragon Ball series and have been testing various combinations in the AI. There are a few things I notice the AI does not recognise (yet). In this case with the Dragon Ball theme, it does not know who Piccolo is!

Dragon Ball Z Anime AI Art

Here’s my Dragon Ball themed AI Art, which is subject to change as I create new images and find new favourites.

AI Art

AI Art Gallary – First Exhibition

My AI Art Portfolio. I’ve been enjoying generating AI Art on a few websites, which I’ll share more details about in time.

Maybe consider this my original art exhibition of AI Art here 😉

The text used to generate each AI image is contained within the URL when you click one of the images below.

Website Traffic Updates

Website Updates #1 – September 2022

This is the start of a new blog Category (Web Traffic Updates) which I’ll be using to track the progress of some of my ongoing website projects.

My current projects for this case study include:
# Site 1: Personal Tech Blog
# Site 2: Technical & Software Blog
# Site 3: Web Management & Digital Marketing
# Site 4: Affiliate Shop & Product Website (New)
# Site 5: Video Content Website (New)

I’ve created 2 new websites this month, September 2022 as marked above. Not much information on those yet of course, and it’s nice to have clean fresh sites to kick this off.

Screenshots provided on traffic within this blog post are for the full month of August 2022.

Site #1 – Personal Tech DBA Blog

My personal tech blog,
Technical guides and posts containing information on software including SQL Server, PowerShell, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) & more.

Domain Registration: April 2018
Post Count: 154
Page Count: 42
Total Monthly Pageviews: 18,872
Total Monthly Sessions: 7,901
Peak Daily Traffic: 393

Google Traffic August 2022

Monthly Google Impressions: 237,000
Monthly Google Clicks: 5,530
Added this website to Bing Webmaster Tools (Sept 22).

Google Impressions August 2022

Site #2 – Technical & Software Blog

A technical writing and database-focused software engineering blog.

Domain Registration: July 2022
Post Count: 14
Page Count: 5
Total Monthly Pageviews: 40
Total Monthly Sessions: 21
Peak Daily Traffic: 4

Monthly Google Impressions: 43
Monthly Google Clicks: 0
Added to Bing Webmaster Tools (Sept 22) & submitted sitemap to Google/Bing 3 September 2022.

Site #3 – Web Management & Digital Marketing

A website focused on offering website management and online marketing services.

Domain Registration: January 2022
Post Count: 4
Page Count: 13
Total Monthly Pageviews: 32
Total Monthly Sessions: 14
Peak Daily Traffic: 3

Monthly Google Impressions: 1
Monthly Google Clicks: 0
Added this website to Bing Webmaster Tools (Sept 22).

Site #4 – Affiliate Shop & Product Website

Domain Registration: September 2022
Post Count: 10
Page Count:

Submitted sitemap 26 September 2022.

Site #5 – Video Content Website

Domain Registration: September 2022
Post Count: 10
Page Count: 5

Submitted sitemap 26 September 2022.


Perfect Dark – Chicago Stealth

Old school track, Nintendo 64 Perfect Dark. This is the best one from this game.


5 Benefits of AI Content Writing, by AI

The following is generated purely by an AI Content Generator – all I’ve done here was input some parameters and format this post. Also, in the name of the theme, the feature image for this post is AI-Generated Art inserting “Artificial Intelligence Art” as the keyword.

AI Art by AI

As strange as it may sound, AI content writing is becoming more and more popular. And there are good reasons for that. Here are 5 benefits of using AI to write your content:

  1. AI Content Writing Can Help You Save Time
  2. AI Content Writing Can Improve The Quality of Your Writing.
  3. AI Content Writing Can Help You Stay on Topic.
  4. AI Content Writing Can Help You Target Your Audience.
  5. AI Content Writing Can Help You with SEO.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the way we write, from predictive text to creating entire novels. In this blog post, we’ll explore five benefits of using AI for content writing.

1. AI Content Writing Can Help You Save Time

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a lot of extra time on your hands. You’re probably always looking for ways to save time, whether it’s by using a time-saving tool or by outsourcing a task to someone else.

One way you can save time is by using AI content writing tools. These tools can help you create content faster and more efficiently, freeing up your time to focus on other tasks.

If you’re interested in saving time with content writing, then you should definitely consider using AI content writing tools. They can help you create better content in less time, so you can focus on other areas of your business.

2. AI Content Writing Can Improve The Quality of Your Writing

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of businesses using AI content writing tools to improve the quality of their writing. These tools use artificial intelligence to help write and edit content, and they can be used for a variety of purposes, from blog posts to website copy to even marketing materials.

AI content writing tools can be a valuable asset for businesses, as they can help improve the quality of your writing while also saving you time and money. If you’re considering using AI content writing tools for your business, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First, it’s important to find a tool that fits your needs. There are a variety of AI content writing tools on the market, so it’s important to find one that meets your specific needs.

Second, AI content writing tools can help you save time and money.

3. AI Content Writing Can Help You Stay on Topic

If you’ve ever struggled to stay on topic while writing, you may be interested in learning about AI content writing. AI content writing is a type of software that can help you to stay on topic by automatically suggesting related topics and ideas based on what you’re writing about.

AI content writing can be a valuable tool for anyone who wants to write more effectively. It can help you to overcome writer’s block, generate new ideas, and stay on topic. If you’re struggling to stay on topic while writing, AI content writing may be just what you need to improve your writing.

4. AI Content Writing Can Help You Target Your Audience

If you’re looking for a way to improve your content marketing strategy, you may want to consider using AI content writing. AI content writing is a form of content writing that uses artificial intelligence to help you target your audience. By using AI content writing, you can create content that is more personalized and relevant to your audience. This can help you improve your conversion rates and reach a wider audience.

If you’re not sure how to get started with AI content writing, don’t worry. There are plenty of resources available to help you. You can find AI content writing software that will do the hard work for you. Or, you can hire a content writer who specializes in AI content writing. Either way, you can get the help you need to create great content that will reach your target audience.

5. AI Content Writing Can Help You With SEO

If you’re looking for help with your website’s SEO, you may want to consider using AI content writing. AI content writing is a form of content writing that uses artificial intelligence to help you write better content for your website. This can be a great way to improve your SEO, as AI content writing can help you to create content that is more relevant to your keywords and that is more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages.

AI content writing is still in its early stages, but it is already being used by some of the biggest names in the content writing world. If you’re looking for a way to improve your website’s SEO, AI content writing may be worth considering.


In conclusion, the benefits of AI content writing are many. The technology can help you save time, and money and improve your content quality. With AI, you can also scale your content production to meet the demands of your audience.


Virtual Reality, First Opinions 2022

One day last year, during the time that will go down in history… the time where we were all to be staying in our homes to avoid a virus, I got bored and decided to order an Oculus Quest 2, which is a Virtual Reality Headset for those who don’t know.

It allows you to enter the ‘Metaverse’, which is essentially the place that exists inside the headset. Your lobby, and anywhere you go, any game you play is the VR Metaverse… as far as I understand anyway.

It’s supposedly going to become second nature / second life. Maybe when it is a true second world to us, it won’t require such a heavy headset. Also it will have actual social areas where you can learn and meet people with similar interests. The graphics could be a bit better too in all areas.

Initial negative thoughts aside, I do believe the future is Virtual and Augmented Reality. But we’re in the building phase. Facebook/Metaverse have a point to prove now, so it’s on… There’s some amazing games coming which will help drive VR adoption, 100% – titles including GTA San Andreas, Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, and Among Us (instead of VR Chat version).

In a few years I believe we will see the improvements that will enable it all. It’ll become more mainstream one day, and I’m glad to be getting more involved in what I feel is about the middle stage.

I actually remember being around folks working on VR Oculus development in 2013 while spending time the gaming industry as a Quality Assurance Engineer. I’m sure they were working on some underwater game where you encounter big octopus’ and all that. In my opinion, underwater levels in games are just always the worst. Imagining a whole underwater game, even if it is in VR is not my bag.

Fast forward multiple years, during a work team day we went for a VR experience where we got to play a lot of popular games including the classics Beat Saber and Elven Assassins. It is so much fun for an hour of pure random action.

And nowadays, I use my VR Headset now and then. I’ve even got my daughter into a few games, which sparks the thought towards the crazy difference in technology eras we are experiencing during our upbringings. My 16-bit Sega Mega Drive at about 7 years old versus a VR Headset, colouring 3D worlds and taking care of virtual pets for my daughter. It’s cool, and scary.

Here’s a video of my kid playing Bogo (free short game) for the first time, really impressing me how fast she’s picking things up.

Gaming used to be a big part of my life growing up, but not so much as I got older. The VR Headset perfect to pick up for an hour for a random game; whether it’s relaxing or intense with movements. I’m glad I have it and we’re getting the value out of the purchase.

This is my first post in my Gaming Category. I hope you enjoyed, my initial aim was to just show off the the VR Video I uploaded to YouTube above!… I’ll update again soon with whatever is on my mind in this space.


Tip for Managing Multiple Logins/Accounts for Individual Websites

This post is a quick tip on how to help manage multiple logins to individual websites within Firefox – useful if you want to login to 2 different accounts on the same website at the same time.

The way I’ve been managing this for a while is with the Multi Account Containers Addon – it allows you to create multiple isolated and tagged web sessions. Here’s the docs for setting this up – Multi-Account Containers | Firefox Help (

The best way to describe this is to show it. If I want a new browser tab, I click on the Addon and select a Container.

I have selected AyePaddy in this case. When I open YouTube in this tab I am automatically logged into my AyePaddy YouTube User Account. In my existing tab to the left, I’m still logged into my Personal YouTube Account.

This is particularly useful if you are managing multiple websites, or if you are working with Cloud Software (Azure, AWS, GCP) and testing User Access.

Hope this random tip is useful – it’s a saviour for myself for both of the above reasons!


Random Videos #2

Second set of random I like on YouTube. The type I can’t get enough of, or just enjoy watching for the memories. Just for fun.

Rearranging a Room Virtually

Sharing an efficient way of visualising your room placement, so you can properly plan before implementing.

Pure Pwnage – WoW is a feeling

First time watching this I was likely knee deep involved in WoW Raids. Good times. There’s no reliving this stuff, even if they’ve re-released the Classic version of the game!

How to send an Email 1984

Sending an Email in the 80’s was a simple as… hold on a minute… one more spin of the rotary dial… database.

Classic Flash – Banana Phone

I love being reminded of any old classic Flash video. I like this one coz it says ‘Bananular’ phone… I haven’t changed…

Limmy – Wrong Way Down a One Way Street

An inside joke music video for those who know of the Scottish comedian Limmy!


My Almost Daily Hill Walk

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland which is a really great City for local hill and wood area walks. If you live here, you are always nearby a good trail with elevation to get the required headspace.

I work from home, so getting out at least once a day is obviously important. It’s easy to let things slip on intense work days, which results in the body taking a hit. Whether it’s diet, exercise or even bad posture; if you’re doing something unsustainable and consistently for a period, it’ll creep up on you and you’ll feel it eventually.

The local hill linked above is the most local to my home, which takes about 15 minutes (rushed walk) to reach the top. I walk up passed my kids school, through some alley way between non-residential areas, and then straight onto the path of the hill. It’s 158 meters high according to Wikipedia. Here’s a few pics on the way up.

It’s an easy climb even for kids. You can see the surrounding golf course 1/3 of the way, then off to the top.

When I arrive at the top I have a spot I usually sit at for 15 minutes, if it’s not raining etc.

I often take a few photos on a bonny days too. I’m getting a lot of sunset pictures, with most of Edinburgh City being the opposite direction of the Sun. Here’s a few good ones.

We had one night up here for Bonfire Night – the fireworks were all a bit distant but we had a lovely night. Any excuse to get up here I’ll do it, since it’s so quick and easy.

I normally head down the opposite way to avoid the same scenery, and maybe head to Tesco on the way home for a lunch time meal deal on the way back.

This post here about a 150 meter hill is just the start to my Adventure Category blogs. Stay tuned…


The Responsibility, Duty & Requirement

I have a duty to be on point and be a great parent. It’s the responsibility when you become one. Excelling in this role contains many failures and self corrections as each challenge passes, like everything in else in life.

Several years ago when I started the journey into un-planned parenthood, I wasn’t ready, but who is ever ready eh. I was much heavier in weight and 26 years young when Anabelle was born. I have been on a journey to improve (more intensively) ever since, and I’m enjoying the many appreciations I’ve helped build, maintain and improve around me.

One of the aims I’ve had in my head for some time is that, I should be working as hard as I do in my career as I do as a parent. Both life pillars should be the same priority and kept on top of. Another ambition is to never feel regretful when looking back at photos, thinking you could have done more.

It is no easy feat to be a working parent, regardless of your status. Well, excluding ‘the 1%’ who will absolutely have it easier in many ways. But it truly is hard work, and some days as a parent you might feel like you’re waiting on a bus that’s never going to arrive… it’s worth it though, obviously! The rewards happen over the years, consistently with a snowball effect. Everything you teach them is a potential seed that can grow into unexpected conversations or experiences. Enjoy the ride, as it’s a long one.

Continue to reflect on situations and grow over time. Normalise the heavy requirement so it becomes easy. Look to change bad habits over time and try be a little bit more self-aware each day. Keep motivated, and try enjoy the journey. Also, have more adventures. Some more notes to self while it’s on mind!

I don’t usually write about this sort of stuff – the norm is tech. If my mind inspires it there will be more, but for now, hope you enjoyed my random perspective and thoughts here.