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Peter Whyte

Hi, my name is Peter Whyte. I am a skilled Database Administrator with a passion for troubleshooting issues and implementing technical solutions. With my years of experience in DBA and previous work in Systems Administration/IT Support, I’ve become a pro at maintaining flawless data integrity and optimizing database performance.

My professional trajectory reflects a commitment to excellence and a love for tackling intricate challenges. From my early days in IT to my current role, I’ve embraced the ever-evolving landscape of technology, and I’m proud to contribute to the reliability and efficiency of digital infrastructures.

Beyond the world of servers and databases, I’ve cultivated a hobby that has spanned over 8 years – creating and managing websites. This passion aligns seamlessly with my role, making my work at GoDaddy not just a job, but a fulfilling journey where I can fuse enthusiasm for database administration while making the Internet a better & more secure place for all.

Life isn’t however solely about code and databases. Motivation, for me, comes in waves, mirroring the ebb and flow of both professional and personal obligations. In the tech world, I may be the go-to person for reliable systems, but outside of it, I’m dedicated to being a good dad. Balancing the demands of work, outdoor activities during the better weather months, and quality time with loved ones is the life for me here.

Résumé / CV

Peter Whyte SQL DBA

I’m a confident and optimistic individual, approaching my work with enthusiasm and a strong belief in the value of teamwork. My greatest strength lies in my ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, bringing teams together to work towards a common goal.

I am extremely determined and committed to achieving every success in my career. I need to be aligned with the direction, purpose and values of a company. I believe that a clear vision of the long-term rewards is critical for keeping motivated and focused, and I always keep my sights set on the bigger picture.

If you’re interested in discussing opportunities or my current availability, please feel free to contact me via LinkedIn.


Site Reliability Engineer – Database Services
Aug 2021 – Present

# Work within the Database Services Team to provide global support and engineering for SQL Server, MySQL, and NoSQL databases.
# Play a key role in ensuring reliable database operations and delivering high-quality services to customers.
# Perform Traditional MSSQL DBA responsibilities including; Always On, Mirroring, Replication, CDC, Partitioning, Backups, Security & Monitoring of the estate.
# Participate in the MSSQL On-Call rotation and respond to top-priority database system incidents.
# Build a production automated database test restore host to enable efficient backup validation for tier 1 MSSQL databases.
# Support and collaborate with EMEA teams to improve long-term support needs and build cross-team relationships.
# Teradata Training & delivering on supporting customer requests.
# MySQL Training (ongoing).

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Database & System Administrator
Oct 2017 – oct 2021

# Monitor & maintain the Data Platform & Legacy Data systems. Help ensure they remain secure, compliant, stable, performant, and data are kept accurate.
# Take ownership of incidents, troubleshoot & resolve issues on data systems.
# Assist with the design & development of new AWS Data Platform features, including active involvement in peer reviews.
# Perform software, OS upgrades & data configuration changes (cleaning/deduplication tools).
# Support the Insight & Campaigns teams, guiding on technical issues and automation of SQL tasks.
# Work with Data Governance & other teams to help ensure GDPR & Security measures are adhered to across the data.
# Produce data system security audit reports and work with department managers to ensure agreed permissions are in place.
# Attend and contribute to wider business security audits & meetings.
# Create, schedule & maintain ETL workloads.
# (project) Deliver phase 1 of a new AWS Data Platform.
# (project) Lift and shift the BI stack to AWS.
# (project) On-board & configure Tableau.
# (project) Build out data selection history, retention, and anonymization components in advance of GDPR 2018.
# (short-term) Support with BAU IT Operations tasks & other small projects.

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Database Administrator
Oct 2016 – oct 2017

# Administration, monitoring and tuning of live datacentre and customer on-premise database services.
# Promptly respond to database alerts ensuring high uptime and performance targets are archived.
# Configure SQL Server features to enable reporting or to improve performance.
# Proactively upgrade SQL Server instances, Operating Systems and VM Build versions.
# Ensure backups are sound and RPO/RTO targets are achieved.
# Spawn and provision new Windows GUI or CLI VMs for production SQL Server use, ensuring best practices have been adhered to.
# Configure permissions and arrange networking line of sight required for external data uplifts.
# Attend CAB meetings with external stakeholders and perform database changes in accordance with plans.
# Work with R&D and support teams to resolve issues at hand, including assisting with deployments of new software changes.
# Produce database performance reports for clients.
# Maintain database inventory and other shared documentation.


IT Operations Engineer
Apr 2015 – oct 2016

# Provide internal on-site & remote IT Support to office & lab sites within Europe, working with other divisions on a global scale to support shared systems. Travel to other locations within the UK to provide VIP support and for other projects.
# Administration & configuration of IT Operations tools & hardware.
# Support internal SQL-based applications and servers.
# Manage new start & leaver requests and re-patching of site server equipment.
# Communicate with 3rd party vendors to query information, report faults, and for purchase.
# (project) Tech-lead on the roll-out of Web Security (Forcepoint) across the UK.
# (project) Assist in domain migrations for several sites.

See LinkedIn for more info on career history.