Virtual Reality, First Opinions 2022

One day last year, during the time that will go down in history… the time when we were all to be staying in our homes to avoid a virus, I got bored and decided to order an Oculus Quest 2, which is a Virtual Reality Headset for those who don’t know.

It allows you to enter the ‘Metaverse’, which is essentially the place that exists inside the headset. Your lobby, and anywhere you go, any game you play is the VR Metaverse… as far as I understand anyway.

It’s supposedly going to become second nature / second life. Maybe when it is a true second world to us, it won’t require such a heavy headset. Also, it will have actual social areas where you can learn and meet people with similar interests. The graphics could be a bit better too in all areas.

Initial negative thoughts aside, I do believe the future is Virtual and Augmented Reality. But we’re in the building phase. Facebook/Metaverse have a point to prove now, so it’s on… There are some amazing games coming which will help drive VR adoption, 100% – titles including GTA San Andreas, Ghostbusters, The Walking Dead, and Among Us (instead of the VR Chat version).

In a few years, I believe we will see the improvements that will enable it all. It’ll become more mainstream one day, and I’m glad to be getting more involved in what I feel is the middle stage.

I actually remember being around folks working on VR Oculus development in 2013 while spending time in the gaming industry as a Quality Assurance Engineer. I’m sure they were working on some underwater game where you encounter a big octopus’ and all that. In my opinion, underwater levels in games are just always the worst. Imagining a whole underwater game, even if it is in VR is not my bag.

Fast forward multiple years, during a work team day we went for a VR experience where we got to play a lot of popular games including the classics Beat Saber and Elven Assassins. It is so much fun for an hour of pure random action.

And nowadays, I use my VR Headset now and then. I’ve even got my daughter into a few games, which sparks the thought towards the crazy difference in technology eras we are experiencing during our upbringings. My 16-bit Sega Mega Drive at about 7 years old versus a VR Headset, colouring 3D worlds and taking care of virtual pets for my daughter. It’s cool and scary.

Here’s a video of my kid playing Bogo (free short game) for the first time, really impressed me how fast she’s picking things up.

Gaming used to be a big part of my life growing up, but not so much as I got older. The VR Headset is perfect to pick up for an hour for a random game; whether it’s relaxing or intense with movements. I’m glad I have it and we’re getting the value out of the purchase.

This is my first post in my Gaming Category. I hope you enjoyed it, my initial aim was to just show off the VR Video I uploaded to YouTube above!… I’ll update again soon with whatever is on my mind in this space.


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