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  • Asking ChatGPT About Myself

    Asking ChatGPT About Myself

    I asked ChatGPT to write about Peter Whyte, and to my surprise, I actually got a great summary that is pretty accurate. It only includes one fib, that I am a frequent speaker at various SQL events. Maybe one day I’ll fill that gap! Maybe this was generated based on a generic SQL Server DBA […]

  • How much Tax do we pay in the UK

    How much Tax do we pay in the UK

    I thought I’d do a bit of a high-level Tax review for a UK PAYE employee like myself. I live in Scotland so this is scoped this end of town. Here is an example of a table of income tax, National Insurance, and VAT for a PAYE employee in Scotland: Taxable Income Tax Rate National […]

  • OpenAI ChatGPT Benifits

    OpenAI ChatGPT Benifits

    I am slowly gaining a series of various AI-related blog posts. This time I’m blogging about the newly released OpenAI ChatGPT web app, which was released in the last weeks (November 2022). ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that you can ask it anything, and it’ll output mostly correct answers with very detailed info (if you […]

  • Artificial Intelligence Lettuce

    Artificial Intelligence Lettuce

    It’s here, the post everyone has been waiting for. It’s Lettuce Art, by Artificial Intelligence. Assisted by Peter Whyte (Human). This is really just another one of my random posts, but this can also introduce my AI Art Gallary area on my portfolio site here. The AI Art generated below is created using Nightcafe AI […]

  • 5 Benefits of AI Content Writing, by AI

    5 Benefits of AI Content Writing, by AI

    The following is generated purely by an AI Content Generator – all I’ve done here was input some parameters and format this post. Also, in the name of the theme, the feature image for this post is AI-Generated Art inserting “Artificial Intelligence Art” as the keyword. As strange as it may sound, AI content writing […]

  • Virtual Reality, First Opinions 2022

    Virtual Reality, First Opinions 2022

    One day last year, during the time that will go down in history… the time when we were all to be staying in our homes to avoid a virus, I got bored and decided to order an Oculus Quest 2, which is a Virtual Reality Headset for those who don’t know. It allows you to […]

  • My Almost Daily Hill Walk

    My Almost Daily Hill Walk

    I live in Edinburgh, Scotland which is a really great City for local hill and wood area walks. If you live here, you are always nearby a good trail with elevation to get the required headspace. I work from home, so getting out at least once a day is obviously important. It’s easy to let […]