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What I am up to

Working in Tech

Working in a remote tech role within an International team. My career is and has been focused towards Database & IT Systems Administration. It’s been a passion that continues to grow over the years; expanding into Software & Web Development, which has led to creating & managing various websites & blogs, all as a hobby.

Focusing on Famaily

Raising a young daughter with an aim to improve general home life and possibilities over time. The activities are truly endless and include any new idea we think can think of on the spot. Some of our current favourite things include board games, drawing & crafts, Roblox, and many outdoor activities like skipping , football, frisbee, and lots of adventures & walks.

Exploring Interests

As one does, I like to explore new and existing interests which includes hiking & camping, exercising, cooking, watching sport (Boxing / UFC), history, weather, Earth, comedy… and other random stuff. The aim is to avoid the News or endless scrolling steams of unconscious content. Go outside, enjoy the present and give the brain a break.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Old Blog Timeline

    This post here is a backup of an old timeline I had on another domain, as per RIP Old Web Content. I used to have this hanging on a page with the Timeline Express Plugin. It gave me some good hands-on practice as I was getting up to speed with developing websites with WordPress. This…

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  • First Personal Blog Posts & Updates – Part 2

    This is the second part of a backup of my old personal blog posts. Includes running notes on creating a website and learning along the way. Part 1 can be found here and contains personal blog posts dating from May 12 2018 to August 27 2018. I have a summary of all this on my…

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  • Old Personal Blog Posts – Part 1

    This post here is a backup of some old personal blog posts I had on another domain, as per RIP Old Web Content. These posts are very useless personal notes during the creation of my original blogging space. It has taken years of learning and reiteration to get things right. I always had a vision…

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  • The Responsibility, Duty & Requirement

    I have a duty to be on point and be a great parent. It’s your responsibility when you become one. Excelling in this role contains many failures and self-corrections as each challenge passes, like everything in else in life. Several years ago when I started the journey into unplanned parenthood, I wasn’t ready, but who…

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