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Old Blog Timeline

This post here is a backup of an old timeline I had on another domain, as per RIP Old Web Content.

I used to have this hanging on a page with the Timeline Express Plugin. It gave me some good hands-on practice as I was getting up to speed with developing websites with WordPress.

This is how the Timeline looked for me, followed by the content of each post –

50 Published Posts

Published – August 25, 2018

A milestone to mark in the Timeline, having 50 published blog posts. This includes posts within all categories (Tech Blog, Journal, Timeline).

I’m enjoying writing & seeing some improvements over time. I believe one of the important parts going forward will be to continuously edit and refine previous posts, especially the tech stuff. I’m glad the web traffic on here is very low. It’s giving me plenty of time to practise and up my game.

I have a never-ending list of post ideas for my tech blog. I look forward to covering lots of different areas within SQL Server, and any other fixes and guides on things like WordPress & PowerShell.

I’ll always say the words, a long way to go. There’s no end goal really, so the end is never in sight!

Peter-Whyte.Com Registered

Published – April 7, 2018

Okay, so, those other domain names I bought previously? They were rubbish. This is the one for me. Who even cares about hyphens anymore… Deciding on a domain name can make or break you!

I’m not surprised by the large number of mistakes I’ve made along the way. It takes a long time to get good at something, and every wrong turn is an opportunity to learn what could have been done better.

There is no way projects like this can be a success unless there’s a passion for it. It’s become a genuine hobby for me, which I’m happy about. All I have to show for my efforts so far is the knowledge I’ve gained, so here we go again, a clean slate for the 3rd time!

Second Domain Name Purchased

I had a lot of fun for 4-5 months getting familiar with the WordPress dashboard. Installing plug-in after plug-in and testing every change I could think of.

I wanted to start again. Get a nice clean WordPress install with a new theme (a paid one this time). And why not, get a new domain name at the same time… My domain name changed was then changed to

Registering My First Domain Name

Published – March 7, 2017

On this day registered my first blogging domain name,, and signed up for an annual hosting plan (CPanel model).

I toyed with the idea of having two domains. I’d use for my tech blog, and would serve as my personal area. But, why not combine them both??

I’ll insert a screenshot here of what it looked like at this time.

A New Year’s Resolution

Published – January 1, 2017

It was as the title suggests, a New Year’s resolution for me to create a website for the purpose of blogging. I’ve been behind a computer screen since my teenage years and always had a strong interest in tech. The urge to blog grew as I spent more and more time reading the blogs of others. When you end up reading other people’s stories like this one from Brent Ozar, you may also find yourself thinking more seriously about blogging. My mission set from the get-go was to learn as much as possible along the way and to try to make it look as best as I can.

Now, as I write these back-dated timeline posts, I can say I’ve truly learned to appreciate how much time it takes to convert a vision onto a website. I had little to no knowledge on the way into this journey, which of course had an impact on how long this has taken me. No regrets though, it’s a fun hobby!


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