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What I am up to

Working in Tech

Working in a remote tech role within an International team. My career is and has been focused towards Database & IT Systems Administration. It’s been a passion that continues to grow over the years; expanding into Software & Web Development, which has led to creating & managing various websites & blogs, all as a hobby.

Focusing on Famaily

Raising a young daughter with an aim to improve general home life and possibilities over time. The activities are truly endless and include any new idea we think can think of on the spot. Some of our current favourite things include board games, drawing & crafts, Roblox, and many outdoor activities like skipping , football, frisbee, and lots of adventures & walks.

Exploring Interests

As one does, I like to explore new and existing interests which includes hiking & camping, exercising, cooking, watching sport (Boxing / UFC), history, weather, Earth, comedy… and other random stuff. The aim is to avoid the News or endless scrolling steams of unconscious content. Go outside, enjoy the present and give the brain a break.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Tips for Staying Inspired Every Day

    Life can throw us curveballs, and it’s easy to feel drained or demotivated at times. However, finding inspiration in our daily lives can make a significant difference. Here are some tried-and-true tips to help you stay inspired and motivated every day. 1. Cultivate a Growth Mindset A growth mindset is the belief that our abilities…

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  • OTube: A Random Video Sharing Site

    I’m pleased to share with you my side project, OTube.co. It’s a random video-sharing site that’s been gaining some good organic traction from Google and Bing lately. It’s noticeably standing out in comparison to my portfolio of other websites. The idea behind OTube is simple: to share random videos that I come across during my…

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  • Asking ChatGPT About Myself

    I asked ChatGPT to write about Peter Whyte, and to my surprise, I actually got a great summary that is pretty accurate. It only includes one fib, that I am a frequent speaker at various SQL events. Maybe one day I’ll fill that gap! Maybe this was generated based on a generic SQL Server DBA…

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  • How much Tax do we pay in the UK

    I thought I’d do a bit of a high-level Tax review for a UK PAYE employee like myself. I live in Scotland so this is scoped this end of town. Here is an example of a table of income tax, National Insurance, and VAT for a PAYE employee in Scotland: Taxable Income Tax Rate National…

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  • OpenAI ChatGPT Benifits

    I am slowly gaining a series of various AI-related blog posts. This time I’m blogging about the newly released OpenAI ChatGPT web app, which was released in the last weeks (November 2022). ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that you can ask it anything, and it’ll output mostly correct answers with very detailed info (if you…

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