Review of the Chimera EV 500 Down Sleeping Bag

Two months ago, I made the switch from my 2kg reliable 4-season sleeping bag to the Chimera EV 500 Down Sleeping Bag. As an ultra-light camper, the weight and packability of my gear are always primary concerns. The Chimera EV 500, weighing in at just 1.1kg, presented itself as a perfect solution for my weight-saving needs without sacrificing comfort. After putting it to the test, here are my thoughts.

Upon first inspection, the Chimera EV 500 impressed me with its build quality. Designed and developed in the UK by camping experts, and with the duck down fill it’s a great all-round choice. It feels great the material I think, and I think the design is amazing, representing the colours and flag of Scotland.

Key Features:

  • Ethically Sourced Down (ESD) fill
  • Hydrophobic water-resistant coating
  • Internal security pocket
  • Internal insulated baffles
  • Anti-snag zipper band
  • Ultra comfort lining
  • Compression stuff sack
  • Mesh storage bag
  • Season rating: 2-3
  • Comfort rating: 4°C
  • Limit rating: -1°C
  • Extreme rating: -17°C
  • Dimensions: 220x78cm
  • Weight: 1.1kg
  • Material: 500g 600FP Grey Duck Down

Chimera EV 500 Down Sleeping Bag Review

Switching to the Chimera EV 500 from my previous sleeping bag was a game-changer. My old sleeping bag, which wasn’t duck down, was incredibly bulky and took up a lot of space in my rucksack. The Chimera EV 500, on the other hand, squashes down neatly into a small compression stuff sack, making it easy to pack and save space. This makes it an excellent choice for long-distance hikes such as the West Highland Way in Scotland, which typically spans 5-8 days.

I’ve taken the Chimera EV 500 out on two camping trips to the Pentlands, just outside of Edinburgh. Both trips provided a good range of conditions to test the bag’s performance.

During my first trip, the temperatures were mild, and I found myself needing to unzip the bag in the early morning due to the heat retention. The ultra comfort lining truly lives up to its name, offering a cozy sleep experience. However, in Scotland, especially during spring and autumn, one must always be prepared for temperature drops.

On my second trip in April 2024, I had the remarkable experience of catching a full view of the Northern Lights. The temperatures dipped lower this time, but the Chimera EV 500 kept me comfortably warm. The hydrophobic water-resistant coating proved effective as there was a bit of morning dew, but the down remained dry and insulating.

While I haven’t yet tested this sleeping bag in the depths of winter, I plan to use a sleeping bag liner to increase warmth before committing to another 4-season tent. The comfort rating of 4°C and limit rating of -1°C suggests it should handle moderately cold conditions well. I look forward to seeing how it performs in harsher climates.

When back home, I appreciate the inclusion of a mesh storage bag. This allows the down to relax and expand, ensuring it maintains its loft and longevity. Proper storage is crucial for down sleeping bags to remain effective over time.

Overall, the Chimera EV 500 Down Sleeping Bag has proven to be a fantastic investment for my ultra-light camping needs. Its balance of weight, comfort, and practical features makes it an excellent choice for 2-3 season camping. While it remains to be fully tested in winter conditions, its performance so far has been promising. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to trim down their pack weight without sacrificing warmth and comfort.

Feel free to share your experiences with the Chimera EV 500 or any tips for winter camping with a down sleeping bag in the comments below! I may update this post as I take my new favourite sleeping bag on more adventures 🙂


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