Peter Whyte Palma Castle

Balancing Life and Blog Ambitions

I’m writing this blog post as a note to self on what I think of this personal blog site so far. Honestly, it’s not been great. It’s time to re-stratigize. I don’t think any of the posts so far have any value. It’s just random placeholders, or what someone in Scotland would say, shite…

Managing life as a Dad to a young daughter (9 yrs), and being a dedicated SQL Server DBA, blogging always takes a back seat. It’s a hobby in the end, one of many. As well as this, my technical blog posts have always taken most of my blog related focus. The personal blog posts taking a futher back seat, sitting in the 2x seats in the boot of a 90’s multi-purpose-vehicle 7 seater.

I have always loved the learning process of this hobby of managing blogs. I’ve created and managed many websites during the last 8 years and I help local businesses with maintaining their websites too.

I want to start writing better personal blog posts on here. The site itself could use some improvements. I do like the CV area, I’ll keep that similar to what it is now. I’ll update things with some new found inspiration after this post too.

I’m doing this purely to satisfy my own ambitions for my .com and personal site. I hope my future posts are engaging and make people want to read more! But if not, it’s fine obviously.

I’m not sure what else to add to this post. I intend to write more personal thoughts in future posts. Be more geinuine. Why not. I always wanted a platform that feels truly my own. Social media platforms each have their unique ways and audiences, but they’re ultimately controlled environments.

Bonus thoughts…

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about AI and its impact on our near future. Just the other day, I saw AI-generated images on Facebook with comments clearly from AI bots. It’s alarming how much of the Internet is becoming saturated with AI bot loops!

But let’s move on from AI concerns. I recently had a fantastic holiday in Palma, Mallorca, Spain. It was a 5-night stay, and it was an amazing trip. It makes me want to travel again ASAP. You might have wondered why I chose the featured image for this post, it’s one where I’m at peak happy on the holiday in a castle.

Planning these trips involves many considerations, and I haven’t yet taken my daughter abroad, though that will happen soon. Shorter trips are more manageable with my responsibilities. I’m not complaining, I’m busy, but it’s a good busy I always say. I’m occupied with things I want and need to be doing.

That’s enough random thoughts and self-sharing for one day. On to the next random blog post. Some will be more focused and to the point, while these personal posts will contain whatever comes to mind.


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