Web Traffic Stats Update

Website Updates #1 – August 2022

This is the start of a new blog Category (Web Traffic Updates) which I’ll be using to track the progress of some of my ongoing website projects.

My current projects for this case study include:
# Site 1: Personal Blog
# Site 2: Personal Database & Software Blog
# Site 3: Independent Software & Tech Blog
# Site 4: Website Management & Digital Marketing
# Site 5: Affiliate Shop & Product Website (New)
# Site 6: Video Content Website (New)

I created 2 new websites recently as marked above. There is not much information to share on those yet.

All screenshots provided in this post are for the full month of August 2022, and my next post to share updates in this space will be during the first week of September 2022.

Site #1 – Personal Blog

The website you are looking at now.

There is no aim to monetise my portfolio site here. It’s a personal space to post whatever is on my mind, and the content that doesn’t fit anywhere else.

Active Since: January 2022
Post Count: 10
Page Count: 8

Pageviews: 122
Users: 13
Avg. Time on Page: 00:02:29
Google Impressions: 46
Google Clicks: 3

Site 1 August 2022 Web Traffic
Site 1 Google Search Impressions

50% of this ^ traffic is likely my own.

Site #2 – Personal Tech DBA Blog

My personal tech blog, peter-whyte.com
Technical guides and posts containing information on software including SQL Server, PowerShell, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) & more.

Active Since: October 2018
Post Count: 138
Page Count: 19

Pageviews: 18,872
Users: 6,848
Avg. Time on Page: 00:00:41
Google Impressions: 237,000
Google Clicks: 5,530

Site 2 August 2022 Web Traffic
Site 2 Google Search Impressions

Site #3 – Independent Software & Tech Blog

Site 3 is an independent technical writing space focusing on Database & Windows engineering – more or less the same content as my personal DBA blog.

Active Since: May 2022
Post Count: 11
Page Count: 3

Pageviews: 40
Users: 14
Avg. Time on Page: 00:00:20
Google Impressions: 43
Google Clicks: 0

Site 3 August 2022 Web Traffic
Site 3 Google Search Impressions

Site #4 – Web Management & Digital Marketing

A website focused on offering website creation & management, and also general online marketing services.

Active Since: February 2022
Post Count: 4
Page Count: 8

Pageviews: 32
Users: 10
Avg. Time on Page: 00:00:11
Google Impressions: 1
Google Clicks: 0

Site #5 – Affiliate Shop & Product Website (New Site)


An Amazon affiliate shop with blog posts for product reviews & recommendations.

Site #6 – Video Content Website (New Site)



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