Donald Trump Attends UFC 303

This is a post to share Donald Trump’s speach for UFC 303. Even though it hasn’t happened and won’t be happening, I have it… I got it from ChatGPT, all I needed to do was ask!

I’m doing this for the fun of it, and checking in on ChatGPT’s / AI’s evolving capabilities. This was done using the Chat GPT-4o model. All I’m doing is asking it to write a speach for the UFC event, make it 2 paragraphs and it should sound really like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump UFC Ocotgon

Ladies and gentlemen, wow, what an unbelievable night at UFC 303! Nobody does it better than UFC, nobody! These fighters, they’re absolutely the best—strong, tough, unstoppable. They’ve got the guts, the power, and the heart. It’s what makes America truly great!

And let me tell you, we’ve got the greatest fans in the world here tonight. The most passionate, the most dedicated, the loudest. You make this sport spectacular. And we can’t forget the amazing folks behind the scenes—the trainers, the coaches, the organizers. They’re doing an incredible job, believe me. The best people!

Tonight, you’ll see something truly special. These warriors trained hard, sacrificed a lot, and they’re ready to give you a show like no other. Remember, UFC is the best, just like our great country. Enjoy the fights, and let’s make tonight unforgettable! Thank you!

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