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Web and Blog Updates (February-2024)

My resolution this year has been to direct my efforts into a more targeted direction, after having a year of what on reflection was a self-healing year. My priority during 2023 was to create new memories every day, even on an average Monday. Especially on an average day. I wanted to do everything differently, manage addictions and bad habits, ensure I created a new and good memory every day, and exercise, having a massive focus on the fitness part.

We are now 1.5 months into 2024, and the thing I’ve maintained best is my technical writing. I really do enjoy it. I want to create a special place of reference for people working in a similar role as I (MSSQL DBA). I have been able to maintain an aggressive output for blog posts on my new main SQL DBA Site

This year so far, as well as creating good consistent content, I’ve helped a business with their website which was completely down and out. It showed the error “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute.”. They contacted me as I had been helping them before knowing them through a friend. I was able to get their website back online, but it had been neglected for so long that I had to spend a bunch of hours resolving other issues. I got paid for the work and will continue working with them to help them succeed.

Anyhow, the reason I write this blog post is to start a series of posts for tracking my ongoing website work, something I tried to do in the past but failed with promised post consistency. I neglected my website work in 2023, but the ambition is to completely flip it going forward. This time, I will say out loud, I will post another one of these whenever I feel like it.

Web Traffic So Far 2024

Here’s a note of my website traffic stats on my main project,

The data here is as of 12/02/2024.

Post Counts:

February 2024 (14)
January 2024 (43)
December 2023 (12)
November 2023 (12)

Google & Bing Search (1/12/2024 > 11/02/2024):

Google Analytics (1/12/2024 > 11/02/2024):

DBASco Bing Analytics Feb 2024

What’s Next

I doubt anyone would be reading this, if so, nice! Tbh, if you do anything like I’m doing with the volume of writing I do, you have to be passionate. I have been managing websites for many years now and I’m enjoying gaining experience every step of the way. It was a surprise to end up working for a Web Hosting and Domain Name company, which I gained while following my career in kung-fu of SQL Server Databases. In the end, I will continue doing what I’m doing out of interest. Out of curiosity. And I hope you enjoy!!

Next on my list for personal reference is:
– Continue producing content on DBASco. I always have the ambition of creating the best blog posts to help fellow SQL Server Database Admins and Site Reliability Engineers.
– Continue learning the ways of WordPress, SEO, and managing websites for others.

I’m going to also try to continue blogging on other websites but that’s lower on my list.


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