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The Responsibility, Duty & Requirement

I have a duty to be on point and be a great parent. It’s your responsibility when you become one. Excelling in this role contains many failures and self-corrections as each challenge passes, like everything in else in life.

Several years ago when I started the journey into unplanned parenthood, I wasn’t ready, but who is ever ready eh? I was much heavier in weight and 26 years young when Anabelle was born. I have been on a journey to improve (more intensively) ever since, and I’m enjoying the many appreciations I’ve helped build, maintain and improve around me.

One of the aims I’ve had in my head for some time is that, I should be working as hard as I do in my career as I do as a parent. Both life pillars should be the same priority and kept on top of. Another ambition is to never feel regretful when looking back at photos, thinking you could have done more.

It is no easy feat to be a working parent, regardless of your status. Well, excluding ‘the 1%’ who will absolutely have it easier in many ways. But it truly is hard work, and some days as a parent you might feel like you’re waiting on a bus that’s never going to arrive… it’s worth it though, obviously! The rewards happen over the years, consistently with a snowball effect. Everything you teach them is a potential seed that can grow into unexpected conversations or experiences. Enjoy the ride, as it’s a long one.

Life is a Rollercoaster

Continue to reflect on situations and grow over time. Normalise the heavy requirement so it becomes easy. Look to change bad habits over time and try to be a little bit more self-aware each day. Keep motivated, and try to enjoy the journey. Also, have more adventures. Some more notes to self while it’s on the mind!

I don’t usually write about this sort of stuff – the norm is tech content. If my mind inspires it there will be more, but for now, hope you enjoyed my random perspective and thoughts here.



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