Personal Area

Oh hi. Welcome to my personal area. I would rather be posting anything online on my own website rather than on other social channels etc.

Here’s some of my stuff for you to get to know more about me…

Peter Whyte

Personal Blog Posts

A place to post whatever is on my mind, out with all the other channels I post in. I’m currently a pure website content guy, and not keen on progressing much via social media & other platforms.

Peter Whyte Web Corner

Web Corner

I enjoy creating websites. It’s been a hobby and part-time passion since 2018. Some of my websites are obvious and visible/known, whereas I try to keep some projects internal – give them a bit of time to mature first.

Peter Whyte AI Art

AI Art

I’ve been enjoying generating AI Art and testing out each update of the AI capabilities on various websites. I have a blog post category for this here that will see continuous updates.