Starting to Update this Web Space

Hello, to nobody out there! Here goes my first, new post on here.

I’m finally starting to update this web space. I’ve been (tech) blogging under, a domain I secured 5 years ago to use as a personal platform for content. The reason I had the hyphen was due to this domain ( being £600-700 to buy. One day a few years after, I noticed it dropped down to about £40. I snapped it up right away.

Ever since, I’ve been playing around on here with various themes and some random blog posts, but things never really materialised into something I actually like, or enjoy looking at.

This time around I have different ambitions, and more years of experience behind me. I have a new aim to update this place to become a better portfolio to represent my web space!

Updates are happening fast and I hope to get regular blog posts. It’s all for personal satisfaction in the end though so whatever will be will bee, aye.