About Me

Peter Whyte

Hi, I’m a Database Reliability Engineer (career) and Web Enthusiast (hobby) based in Scotland, UK.

99% of my online content is published on various websites & blogs. The other 1% is the Social Media & YouTube side. I post on Twitter when I feel the urge, since March 2022.

My main website for a long time has been my Tech Blog, which contains a lot of Database Admin (MS SQL DBA) related content. Blog post categories include SQL Server, PowerShell, Windows Admin, WSL, Azure, AWS & more.

My Homepage on this site will display my ongoing projects, and feel free to check out my Resume & Career History for more background info.

If there’s anything you might want to contact me about, give me a shout at me@peterwhyte.com. Otherwise, cheers, I hope you enjoy my content!