Tip for Managing Multiple Logins/Accounts for Individual Websites

This post is a quick tip on how to help manage multiple logins to individual websites within Firefox – useful if you want to login to 2 different accounts on the same website at the same time.

The way I’ve been managing this for a while is with the Multi Account Containers Addon – it allows you to create multiple isolated and tagged web sessions. Here’s the docs for setting this up – Multi-Account Containers | Firefox Help (

The best way to describe this is to show it. If I want a new browser tab, I click on the Addon and select a Container.

I have selected AyePaddy in this case. When I open YouTube in this tab I am automatically logged into my AyePaddy YouTube User Account. In my existing tab to the left, I’m still logged into my Personal YouTube Account.

This is particularly useful if you are managing multiple websites, or if you are working with Cloud Software (Azure, AWS, GCP) and testing User Access.

Hope this random tip is useful – it’s a saviour for myself for both of the above reasons!

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