Random Videos #2

Second set of random I like on YouTube. The type I can’t get enough of, or just enjoy watching for the memories. Just for fun.

Rearranging a Room Virtually

Sharing an efficient way of visualising your room placement, so you can properly plan before implementing.

Pure Pwnage – WoW is a feeling

First time watching this I was likely knee deep involved in WoW Raids. Good times. There’s no reliving this stuff, even if they’ve re-released the Classic version of the game!

How to send an Email 1984

Sending an Email in the 80’s was a simple as… hold on a minute… one more spin of the rotary dial… database.

Classic Flash – Banana Phone

I love being reminded of any old classic Flash video. I like this one coz it says ‘Bananular’ phone… I haven’t changed…

Limmy – Wrong Way Down a One Way Street

An inside joke music video for those who know of the Scottish comedian Limmy!

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