Random Videos #1

This is a set of 5x YouTube videos I like on YouTube. The type of video I can’t get enough of, or just enjoy watching for the memories.

Jim Carrey – Juice Weasel

Love this, and Jim Carrey. Hard not to laugh even after many many times watching. Based on this real life version!

David Firth – Salad Fingers

A classic Oldschool Flash video series about a character Saladfingers, who has Saladfingers… and likes rusty spoons.

Pure Pwnage – FPS Doug CS:S

FPS Doug, a classic video that is relatable to many Counter Strike players. Boom Headshot!!!

Weebl’s Stuff – Narwhals

I wanted to throw in one from Weebl’s Stuff just because I’ve always loved their work. Their most popular video by views on YouTube here.

Gamesmaster – 90’s UK TV Show

Last on this list, a TV show I used to love watching as a kid in the 90’s. Real Oldschool gaming for my generation.

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